The inner space – Media Art Festival Friesland

This short movie has been filmed during See Djerba’s International Media Art Project and residency in Houmt Souk. After several days of discovering the environment by walking and wandering, I uncovered a certain feeling lying between the city and the coast. The Souk appeared to be an enveloping structure torn into the multitude of its details, artifacts and architectural composants. I focused on the aspect of becoming and emerging of independent elements, which by their encounter give birth to a new entity.

In this entity – in the film, the city itself – we can still recognize all the previous components, the details remaining independent from the result. Still in the film it is more about the processes and its evolution, rather than the result, which is important. The starting and ending points coinciding, the video tells of a cycle which leaves the seaside and, after having explored the city, returns back to it again. During this circle of sea-city-sea’s horizons, every image fades into another scene, as a fluid and silent wander of the sight.

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