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9 Drawings on tracing paper – framed on 200g drawing paper / 24x33cm / 2022

K.L.8 Gallery / Bruxelles / From 29 October to 6 November 2022


The Language of Things is a series of ink drawings translating an object, a gesture or an event in graphic signs. It depicts the object in its evolution as if interacting with an invisible body: through a nine-case grid, we witness the sequence of stages through which an object unfolds.

9 boards were exhibited at K.L.8 Gallery: The hand / The clock / Drink a glass of water / Exhibition room supervision / Sweep the floor / Open the door / Apparent sun trajectory in Norther hemisphere / Roll a cigarette / The candle.

The language is drawn on tracing paper, combined with 200g drawing paper as a frame, on which the title is inscribed. After reading the drawing, the tracing paper can be lifted to read the title. The language of things/Le langage des choses serie counts more than 100 drawings: the project, begun in 2015, is ongoing.

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