Cheap Festival

2 prints / 200x140cm

Cheap Festival / Public art / Bologna / From 09.2023 to 01.2024

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The 2023 Cheap Festival theme was Agitatevi. Two artworks were exhibited in Bologna public space: 

Il luogo, cioè la storia / 2022

Inspired by Monica Vitti’s interview with France Culture in May 1996. Speaking of Rome and her apartment, at one point she corrects herself in saying « The place, yet, the story, » spontaneously and playfully formulating the idea of a correspondence, a reciprocity between the identity of a place and those who inhabit it. Shortly after the news of her passing,  » The place, yet, the story » is copied and pasted, repeated thousands of times, becoming an image, somewhere between a mantra and a labyrinth.

E stiamo qui a guardare come un tramonto / 2023

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