Digital collage

Printed on 300 g watercolor paper

60X80cm minimum 

Diaphane is a digital palimpsest: each image is the result of a digital collage of over 200 shots of the skyline of the artist’s hometown, Trieste, in northeastern Italy. The superposed pictures were collected through a call for images on social networks. Most of the photographs received were taken with a telephone, part of a digital archive of forgotten shots. The project is a way of reactivating this archive and the memories linked to it. By working on a referent as banal as the horizon, the shots of dozens of people who came together often represented the same point of view and time of the day. 

Superposed, these photographs blur into a diaphanous composition. The horizon line is the reference point on which all the photographs are aligned. The series of photographs reflects on our digital archives, questioning our utilization of smartphone devices and the materiality of the digital image.

Diaphane reflects on the act of seeing, questioning our relationship to the gaze and the materiality of the image. The mapped video intervenes in the print to explain its creation process, reveal how it was constructed, and unfold its history and components, with an approach that is both archaeological and poetic. 

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