Dorso Mondo

Dorso Mondo / Poetry comics / Squilibri Editions / Rome / 2020

Collection of poems, album of music and spoken poetry, illustrations (digitized drawings) 2017 – 2018 

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Dorso mondo is a collective project, that reunites poetry, music, spoken poetry, and poetry comic illustrations. Published in 2020 by Squi(Libri), in the form of an illustrated book accompanied by a CD, it thereafter inspired several audiovisual performances between 2018 and 2020. 

The boards illustrate the imaginary journey that Dorso Mondo narrates, bringing into play asemic writing and figurative drawing. It tells the story of an abstract « we » who land on a world (trad. from Italian Mondo) and discover a series of elements and situations. The project was born of a collection of poems written by Gabriele Stera. Working with two musicians, Franziska Baur (violin) and Jérémy Zaouati (guitar), the poems are punctuated by a sonic journey, which gave rise to the album of the same title. The whole project (texts, music, and drawings) evolved in a spirit of collective creation, to produce a multimedia work that confronts and radically opposes itself to contemporary ecological disaster.