Mixed-media installation

Galerie Mémoire de l’Avenir / Paris / From 04.07 to 29.08.2015

Inventaire installation reflects on text and image relationship. A poem unfolds on a long sheet of paper, parallel to a sequence of 10×10 cm painted photos. By their proximity, we seek a link between the two media: are the poem’s lines the title of the picture? Are the images illustrating the poem? What is the difference between the way we look at text and images?

The link between the two means of expression is symbolized by the square and round on the canvas. The red square refers to the spatiality of the images, and the blue circle to words and the temporality of reading. Inventaire is based on photos taken with a disposable camera over the six months preceding the exhibition. These photographs are painted with acrylics or oils, the act of transforming them as a way to come back on the representation of past moments and memories.