Video mapping audiovisual installation / 6’24’’ / on an architectural foam board model of 80x 80x 80 cm

To the video

K is the third part of a research on asemic writing’s spatialization, developed during the Master in Photography and Contemporary Art at Paris 8 University. The video mapping installation is composed of a short movie mapped onto a 3D architectural model. The short movie was made by filming light movements on a small-scale model of 25x25cm, which is warped and projected onto a large-scale model of 80x80X80cm. Video mapping is used to deform the 2D video content and to adapt it on a larger scale.

The title, K refers to Kaspar Hauser. The story of the feral child is symbolized through the illegible writing covering the enclosed environment: the door and the window of this neutral space are revealed only when the light comes from beneath. The installation was inspired by the reading of Gaspar, a theater piece written by Peter Handke.