Site-specific architectural projection / 7’10’’ in loop / @ Fondouk Lehsayer, Houmt Souk, Djerba / SeeDjerba Media Art Biennal 

Photo credits: Corrie Francis Parks 

Link to the video

Fondouk Lehsayer is one of the few private fondouks of Houmt Souk, in Djerba. It is a courtyard, a place of passage in the enveloping architecture of the town’s old market. The site-specific architectural projection L’espace du dedans/The inner space in Fondouk Lehsayer invites us to reunite in this space of transition. The short film narrates the arts and crafts of the island, creating a loop from the black-and-white seaside, to the exploration of the city in colors, to returning back to the black-and-white horizon.

The project was developed with curators Salma Kossentini and Katja Štesl from Amalgam Studio, during the SeeDjerba residency (9.08 to 29.08.2019). It was displayed during the SeeDjerba Media Art Biennal, which took place in the city’s public space from 29.08 to 03.09.2019. L’espace du dedans was realized with the support of the I-Portunus pilot from Creative Europe.