Tre Stanze

Asemic writing’s Spatialization: The line, the surface, the volume.

Paris 8 University Research project / 2019

How can writing be expressed in our environment? Space becomes the support for video projection as “a writing tool whose ink would be light” [J.Cocteau]. 

Tre stanze spatializes is the practical research project of Master in Photography and Contemporary Art. It considers writing relation to space through three media, each consisting of a different installation, deploying in space in three sequential rooms. In Italian, Stanza means room but also recalls the poetic stanza, as a collection of lines of a poem.

In his text The Crisis of Linearity, Czech philosopher Vilém Flusser contrasts the linearity of writing, the predominant structure since the invention of the alphabet, with the spatiality of the surface, which emerged with the spread and exploitation of images in the 20th century. For Flusser, the emergence of the surface is symptomatic of the crisis of linearity. The difference between line and surface is expressed in the opposition between linear thinking, implying temporality (that of writing and reading a text, of the one-dimensional line that leads somewhere), and surface thinking, unfolding in space (the realm of the image, of the two-dimensional surface). Flusser distinguishes text and image through the forms of reception they establish. These are recreated in the installation through the body’s movements.

1 Dimension – La ligne. The line roams the space in a linear progression, which we are invited to cross as if we were reading the space through our body’s movement.

Multimedia Installation / 52 digital prints A3 format / projector 

Asemic writing’s Spatialization: Prima Stanza, the line. 

2 Dimensions – La surface. An animation video is projected on the wall. The writing appears in the video in its image-becoming, following the rhythm of the surface, participating in its movement. The papers and the writing movements increasingly tend to depth.

Animation video / 4’27’’ 

Asemic writing’s Spatialization: Seconda Stanza, the surface

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3 Dimensions – Le volume. Video mapping installation composed by a short movie mapped onto a 3D architectural model. Asemic writing can show being illegible, thus it expresses through its relationship with support, surface, and space.

Video mapping audiovisual installation / 6’24’’ / on an architectural foam board model of 80x 80x 80 cm

Asemic writing’s Spatialization: Terza Stanza, the volume

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