Light art installation / Digital prints 17×29,7cm / LED Tube / 2023

NOPALCO – festa di poesia orale e visiva / DAS – Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali / Bologna / 27 – 28.10.2023

With the support of the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region. 

NOPALCO – festival of oral and visual poetry took place at DAS – Dispositivo di arti sperimentali with the second stage of #Vocifera, dedicated to Italian poet Patrizia Vicinelli. 

During the evening, the performance In to Surrender. by San Giorgio Cibernetico and the installation Non sempre ricordano are presented. Non sempre ricordano is a collective, complex, tripartite work. The title comes from Vicinelli’s epic poem that Mezzopalco put into sound. The video clip of this three-voice piece was made by Gabriele Stera, who solicited ad hoc typography for this video.  In the context of Nopalco, the typography is displayed in the form of a light art installation, staging the video clip by Gabriele Stera and the musical piece by Mezzopalco.

Inspired by Patrizia Vicinelli’s work, the Armatura font combines the phonetic dimension of the Italian language with the graphic dimension of typography. Deaf and sound consonants are distinguished through a scar, such are the traces, grooves, and stories that mark the face of the poetess. The open-source digital font finds, in the space of DAS and the context of Vocifera, evasion in materiality, in the form of installation.

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